Swine Waste-to-Energy
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OptimaBio, LLC, a swine waste-to-energy project developer and owner, is a team of experts in bioenergy, agriculture, project finance, and environmental stewardship.  Optima currently owns two projects; Optima KV and Optima TH.

Optima KV encompasses multiple farms and digesters, via a hub and spoke model, aggregating raw biogas streams at a common upgrade location; commissioned in June 2018

Optima TH collects biogas from the wastewater treatment infrastructure at the worlds largest swine packing plant owned by Smithfield Foods; commissioned in Jan 2020.

 The renewable natural gas (RNG) from both projects are injected into the Piedmont Natural Gas system for transportation to Duke Energy owned and operated power plant in North Carolina for the generation of renewable electricity. 

Optima KV and Optima TH were the first 2 North Carolina renewable natural gas injection projects in the states history.     

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